Hygienic & Seamless Flooring Solutions

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Microbial growth is a a threat to the food and drink industry hence the need for a seamless, impervious flooring solution in preparation and packing areas.

The benifits of a polyurethane screed is that it is hygienic, seamless, impervious to and non supportive of micrbial growth as well as easy to clean and maintain. With a steamcleaning tollerance of up to 120 C this type of flooring is ideal for maintaining high food hygiene standards within a production and packing area.

Drywite Ltd. Halesowen, who make food products for the fast food industry recently employed the services of Protective Serface Caotings Ltd to provide a solution that would both meet high food hygiene standards and be non slip. Read our blog to find out more about the products and laying process https://bit.ly/2McWKxV